How exchange and friend system work in Pokémon Go

Niantic has just surprised us with the announcement of some features that were expected for a long time and that will also bring many new features. Let’s see how they will work in this exchange guide in Pokémon Go.

The new system of friends and exchanges that Niantic will implement can mean a new step forward in the game. It seems that in addition, they have waited to find the right formula so that, even being interesting, it can not be exploited by means of traps. Something that worried a large part of the community. But we better go in parts with this exchange guide in Pokémon Go that the thing has enough crumb.

The friends system
Although what has most attracted attention is the possibility of exchanging pokémon between coaches, the main thing in this announcement is the system of friends. It is the basis of all other announced features. How do you add friends in Pokémon Go? Well, as in almost all games. You have a player ID and you share it with whoever you want to have on the list. Up to this point it was not necessary to make a guide, but just in case. For now, the maximum number of friends will be 200, but that number is likely to increase in the future.

All right. We already have our friends added. And now that? Well now we have to dedicate ourselves to raising our level of friendship. How? Interacting with them. Send gifts, exchange pokémon and fight in gyms and raids are the options available to increase the level of friendship. But keep in mind that we can not do it all at once. Let’s make a small outline and then I explain:

4 levels of friendship

Good Friend – One day. Exchange of any pokémon, except mythical.
Great Friend – Seven days. Reduction in star powder cost per exchange, additional damage in gyms, an extra ball in raids.
Ultra Friend – 30 days. More reduction in cost per exchange, more additional damage in gyms, two extra balls in raids.
Best Friend – 90 days. Even more cost reduction per exchange, much more additional damage in gyms, four extra balls in raids.

Bearing in mind that we can only raise one level per day and friend, the time that we will need to reach each step is the one that I indicated above. Niantic continues to appeal to our patience to achieve goals and I do not see anything wrong. And beyond the exchanges, which can be interesting at the beginning, the advantages in gyms and incursions are not bad. We will receive them as long as we fight in the gym or participate in raids with our friends. What Niantic has confirmed is that they will not be added if we do it with several of them. We will only enjoy the highest one.

As expected in an exchange guide in Pokémon Go, we will talk about the requirements and conditions that we will have when making these exchanges. Let’s say that the requirements, really, are quite simple to fulfill. Be level 10, have a friend on the list and be within 100 meters of him. Nothing outlandish, really. The conditions of these exchanges are another very different thing. From the start, they differentiate between normal and special.

Specials are those that include Pokémon Legendarios, Variocolor or that are not in our pokédex. In addition to being limited to one per day, they will have a very high star dust cost. As much as if we do it with someone who is only a Good Friend (first level) it will cost us a million stellar powders. Almost “ná”. Of course, if it is Best Friend (the highest), it will remain at about 40,000. Something more reasonable. You can see it in the images below.

If we look closely we will see a couple of other things that catch our attention. You will see that on the right a +1 appears next to a candy. It means that we will receive candies from the exchanged pokémon and these will vary depending on the distance of capture between one and the other. We do not know in what percentage, but the maximum accepted distance will be 100 km. The other detail to highlight is much more important and it detracts a lot of interest from the system.
IV random

From what you can see below the names of the Pokémon, both the PC and the points of life appear in a range of possibilities. Apparently, the individual values ??will be recalculated randomly when making an exchange. If we look at the two images on the left, we see that the range is greatly reduced by increasing the level of friendship, but there is still the risk of receiving something worse than it seemed.

That is why I told you that exchanges have a relative interest at the beginning, but they are not viable or useful at a competitive level. Something that seems perfect to me, since it would make things easier for cheaters. Niantic has been forced to somehow layer these systems so that no one can take advantage of them fraudulently.

Finally, more as a curiosity than as something necessary to be explained, I will talk about the gifts that are introduced along with these characteristics. Once it is underway, we can receive a gift from the poképaradas. This box can not be opened by us, but we will have to send it to one of our friends. Inside these gifts there will be rare objects (although not those that are rewards of missions or incursions). This includes reviving, super potions, balls or berries.

As a final surprise, in some of these boxes there will be special eggs of 7 km that will contain pokémon in their alola form. So, one way or another, it’s all good news for the coaches. We will keep an eye on any news to update this exchange guide in Pokémon Go. Do not get lost.

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