How to earn money quickly in No Man’s Sky NEXT

We show you a way to make money in No Man’s Sky NEXT in “Hudío” plan and thus be able to have a good cargo ship with its fleet.

No Man’s Sky NEXT is a serious face-lift. Everything we talked about before the video game does not help. Two years after the release, No Man’s Sky NEXT is almost the game they promised in the first trailer. And I say “almost” because I’m still looking for dinosaurs.

But let’s go to the mess. Any guide from before is totally useless before the arrival of the new update. And one of them is the way to earn money in No Man’s Sky NEXT quickly.

There are many ways, although I have found one in which we are always paid well. Although calm, I will also comment on the others in a more summary.

The buzzing eggs and larval nucleus

At No Man’s Sky NEXT there are many places where we can find eggs. Some are in the caves, but beware. The eggs in the caves are toxic and we have to be well protected. Of course, the ball inside is worth your “money”.

What we are going to is the buzzing eggs and their larval core. The buzzing eggs are found outside the abandoned facilities. By shooting them with our gun, they will open and show the larval core. This is why they will give us a lot of money in No Man’s Sky NEXT.

The problem comes when it comes to picking them up. Dozens of aliens will come for us protecting the eggs. When the abandoned base is nearby, it is best to shoot the eggs from a certain height, see how the aliens come out and wait for them to leave. Once the danger has passed, we take the larval nuclei and leave.

We can go to sell them to the space base, to our freighter (if we have a place to sell them) or another place on the planet that allows it.

The third option is the best, as long as you have found a sales and purchase position. The problem of going into space with several larval nuclei in our power is that they can attack us. They are valuable, and that’s what space pirates know.

Also if we are in an “Anarchic” system or with a lot of conflict, we will always have three to four ships chasing us.

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