How to maximize all the weapons of God of War

You will have to upgrade all the weapons of God of War if you want to eliminate the most powerful enemies. We show you the steps to follow in several videos.

If you have not given the game enough, the best thing is that you stop seeing the guide, because some weapons could be considered SPOILER rich and good. Also to get all the improvements we have to defeat “certain” enemies.

Now let’s start with the good. In God of War there are two weapons “buapas”. We have the ax and the charismatic swords of Kratos with chains. The Spartan kept them in his cabin.

With the two weapons in our possession, we will be able to buy improvements and techniques. There are also the two dwarf brothers who improve the arsenal with each visit. But to unlock all the potential we have to get materials. Some of them are rare. They can be bought in stores, but to have others we will have to eliminate powerful enemies (for example the Valkyrias).

By having our weapons at the top, two trophies will be unlocked.

Guide to improve the ax of Leviathan in God of War

To completely update the ax, you need the Froxen Flames (Flame Ice Cream in Spanish), a type of material. Level 6 is the maximum for the ax. The first increase is done automatically when you meet Brok (blue dwarf) for the first time.

After that we continue to receive “Ice Flame” from the different final bosses. It has no more mystery. Even if we leave some flame, they will be added to the section “Lost Objects” in the shop of the two dwarf brothers.

By overcoming the story, we can take the ax to level 5. Now comes the question: How do we get the last level? The truth is that it is hidden in the Store in “Buy” – “Resources”. There you can exchange the Chilling Mist of Niflheim for the last Frozen Flame.

Where to find Ice Mists of Niflheim:

It is in the central chamber in Niflheim, in a chest that costs 5,000 “Echoes of Fog” to be opened. You must do Sindri’s first favor in Nifleheim to gain access to the central chamber. Then you must continue touring the “labyrinth” in this region to cultivate “Echoes of Fog” until you have 5,000.

After you have got enough fog to open the chest, this “Frost Mist” will be yours. Now go back to a store and change it to the “Frozen Flame”. Then you can improve the ax.

In the video below you have the location of all the icy fogs of Niflheim.

Guide to improving the swords of Chaos in God of War

With the swords of Chaos it happens exactly the same as with the ax. As we eliminate bosses and advance in history, they will give us “Flame of Chaos” to improve the swords. But to have the maximum level before we must complete a few missions and defeat a Valkyria.

It will not be easy, but it will be worth it to complete the game 100% and have another trophy to take it out. Also with the two weapons at the highest level, it will be easier for us to defeat the other optional bosses of the game. Remember that although you have passed the video game, we still have several Valkyrias to defeat, including secondary missions that will test Kratos and Atreus.

In the last two videos you can see the location of all the materials you need to improve the swords of Chaos.

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