List of Achievements and Trophies of A Way Out

Are you and your colleague trying to get freedom in this interesting indie? You’re in luck, because we tell you how to get the Achievements and Trophies of A way out.

A way out has been a sea of  refreshing title that has made us happy spring. A fun, original and generous game in its price and way of playing. That is why it has already surpassed the million units sold, so many of you will be interested in getting all the Achievements and Trophies of A way out.

Here you can find a list of all of them and a video, in case the explanation is not enough for you. Keep in mind that if you skip a Trophy or Achievement A way out can be achieved at any time, repeating the chapter in question.

  • Freedom: You have freed someone from captivity
  • Take a break: You’ve taken a break from everything
  • Synchrony: A musical session in perfect harmony
  • It’s dangerous to go alone !: Find the hidden sword of Link
  • No horns: You have revealed an infidelity
  • Escape from reality: You have played a video game with a friend
  • Help !: You almost lift the flight
  • Controlled anger: Dark desires can be controlled
  • Live the dream: “Houston, we had a problem”
  • Mechanic Assistant: You have helped fix the motorcycle
  • Go over the matter: You have done what the wind has not been able to do
  • You have started: We are not kids anymore
  • In good shape: You have set a new record
  • Home run: It’s clear that the bat is your thing

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