Monster Hunter World: a new breath

We do not change a formula that wins, but when it slowly but surely ends up falling out of fashion, it is usually time to put on the (robot) blue heater. After four years of aligning millions of sales on 3DS, especially in Japan, the variations of Monster Hunter 4 and its all-grainy engine have finally exceeded the limit of expiry. The kind of questioning that, in a less conscientious publisher, could jeopardize the future of the license and box at the same time. But the story of Capcom has proven for decades: between recycling to better, the pillar of Osaka is still able to flash. After the amazing Resident Evil 7 last year, the master shot of 2018 is Monster Hunter World.

The biggest success in Capcom’s history finally roars on PC, not far from six months after the release of console versions. A delay that gave hope for a portage carefully paired, such as the beefy Miaousse and his brigade bent over their pot. And the result is quite convincing, both in terms of ergonomics and technique, despite a recommended configuration a little intimidating compared to our home tests.

On the two bécanes of the redac, respectively Core i7-4790 @ 3,60Ghz / GTX 980 (16 GB of RAM) and i5-7600K / GTX 1070 (16 GB of RAM), the game of Capcom assumes its artistic direction abounding, at least in 1080p, even if we had to grind the various knobs of the graphics to take advantage of almost 60 fps promised by the editor (in fixed frame rate or variable). As long as you trim the shadows a bit, set the frame rate resolution scale and switch the anti-aliasing to FXAA (vs. TAA) – and get updated drivers – Monster Hunter World rarely goes down the 50 fps bar in combat, even in an area as demanding as the Coral Plateau and its many particles.

In all cases, we enjoy a game much thinner and much smoother than on PS4 or Xbox One; the difference is also noticeable, though less frank, for owners of Pro or One X models. The other advantage is that the in game technical panel allows you to see most changes on the spot. On the other hand, difficult to push further in 4K on the Alienware Aurora R7 Hubert (i7-8700K @ 3.70 Ghz / GTX 1080), where it was better to rely on the fix at 30 fps to enjoy comfort visual max without much sacrifice.

Despite our deep-seated comforting assumptions, Capcom has also worked well on ergonomics to make keyboard / mouse hunting more fluid, beyond the interface issues where the pointer is displayed in all circumstances. Impossible to mistreat the clicks as in a good old hack and slash, the game requires a minimum of positioning and measurement to not end up crunched by the first Anjanath came. It was even surprising to triumph Legiana starting (almost) zero, although some maneuvers such as jumping attacks will require a minimum of practice between the momentum and the strike itself.

Arc or Fusarbale shooting is just as pleasant now that the mouse is also handling the camera. As for the inventory, the rotations of the wheel to squirt the bar of objects remain a means like another to compensate for the access a little more delicate to the radial menu (maintain A supported by default). Obviously, this whole paragraph will dissolve in a mollard of acid at once the slightest connected controller. Blunder, however: the Monster Hunter series slice a bit with the common games at the controls, and whatever your grip preferred, a jump by the Chambellan is never a refusal.

In general, we do not attend a complete overhaul of the interface, and some elements are still cryptic or poorly explained to newcomers. The conditions of access to online games still have nothing natural, especially when you come from a PC universe: difficult to understand why some solo missions remain inaccessible to other players, at least until the Kinematic appearance of the monster, and why it is better to rely on this mechanical “distress rocket” to appeal to other partners in random.

That being said, the game has undergone some reshuffling since the PS4 release, especially in the management of teams, which are no longer scattered in their own hub when the mission ends. And now that the game is available on PC, we can expect it to benefit from all the regular content additions of the console version, dreaming, who knows, opening to mods. The Workshop tab made a flash appearance on the Valve platform, which leaves us with a bit of optimism.

Like a Uragaan

Open its world to open to the world, the leitmotif of Monster Hunter World could finally be summed up in its title. Because this new episode is invested with a mission: to split the armor of the Western public after the battering of portable versions, real social phenomena in Japan, but considered still confidential at home despite the financial support of Nintendo. The series has already made sure to attract neophytes in his nets by skimming the formula on 3DS, but it is still difficult to get rid of labels that stick to the skin. Large fluorescent post-it, where one could read “rigidity of the movements”, “heaviness of the interface”, “repetitive tasks”, “cryptic rules” and “teleportations on line”, among other grievances more or less justified . That time is over.

The concept remains obviously unchanged. To put it simply, it’s still a race for power to shoot down more and more ferocious creatures, a form of advanced boss-rush where it’s better to arrive prepared, and to many, not to see the fight. go beyond the clock and go away with the loot. We will not fail to list below everything that makes the Monster Hunter World experience much better than it has ever been, but for those who have lost their 4G at the bottom of the Ariège, remember at least the essential: the priority is given to hunting, and by extension to the pleasure of hunting, alone or with others.

Anything that hobbled our good old trappers until then has just gone out of business. Whether it is ivy, a healing herb or a few drops of honey, most resources are collected magnetically, without the need to spend more time than necessary. A few seconds are enough when it comes to undermine or scratch the carcasses, without running the risk of breaking his pick, now unbreakable.

More than fishing or harvesting, it is mainly the tracking and exploration mechanics that are disrupted.

Like a breadcrumb trail that would gain in intensity with each new search (say “Ecofacts”), the Navicioles will progressively guide the future hounds to their prey. You can see a GPS disguised, especially as they also serve as tags to place on the map or even any point resource (practice!). In fact, this simple trick advantageously replaces the markers of the past by limiting dead time and hide-and-seek games between two or three zones. A pressure on the stick makes it possible to reorient itself in the direction of the target monster and to pursue it relentlessly, even in case of failure.

As a bonus, the higher the level of indices, the more the knowledge of the bestiary is refined, until showing the position of the monster on the map the loot tables at the Chief Ecologist. And given the wealth of level design, the other anchor of this new Monster Hunter is not luxury.

Make me feel alive

Forget the numbered parcels and the loading times from one to the other to nest them willy-nilly. Each of the five big areas of Monster Hunter World is thought of as a true ecosystem, where the presence of man is just tolerated. Five, before the probable DLC, it seems really little, especially in a game that tends to fill you with all kinds of goals to make you go through the same shipping grounds. And yet, even after several dozens of hours of adventure, one is surprised to discover a new unexplored corner, a new oasis where to establish a future camp, a liana that acts as a shortcut. Freed from the constraints of memory, Capcom has taken the time to give birth to incredibly lively, organic hunting grounds, where nature is as abundant, confusing as it is logical, and without the slightest cut, or cleverly hidden behind narrow cavities or stagnant water sheets.

What’s more, the developers have also taken advantage of the verticality of the scenery, with several levels of height and a (scra) grapple in hand to facilitate the transition from one area to another. And the introduction of a dynamic day / night cycle allows us to admire the quality of modeling and the fabulous artistic direction of each of these distinct areas with eyes still wide open, even after several dozen hours on the clock.

  • Nature is a danger in itself: even if one does not risk the slightest fall damage while braving altitude, a quick stay in the toxic trays of the Putrid Valley or on the incandescent pits of Terre des Anciens reminds you that In hostile territory, the creature at the end of the food chain is not necessarily that which one believes. In case of danger, a jump to the camp (s) via the fast travel, to adapt his equipment, or a return to the headquarters, to keep his booty, prevent many routs – it is again there again, and welcome for neophytes.
  • After the surprise effect, we will quickly find everything that can act as interaction with the scene to turn the situation in favor. While he takes great care to conceal them with countless corridors and stolen passages, Monster Hunter World also juxtaposes large arenas to host raging games. And between blinding Flashinsectes, regenerating Vitaguêpes, and all the destructible elements of scenery that can poison or impale monsters, interactions with environments can clearly pull you a few thorns from the foot. Provided you do not miss the check mark.

Rah, trowel

Because the monsters will not really give you a present. Oh, not the small fry at the beginning, that’s okay. The Tobi-Kadachi, the Kulu-Ya-Ku, the Paolumu round like balloons, all that is gnognotte. But as soon as we start the quests of High Rank, the slightest bite begins to firm up, and there are countless monsters that smash you in two kicks despite a dodge sometimes quite divine; Monster Hunter World is rather generous on the side of the dodge windows, but you pick up all the damage.

We must at this stage pay tribute to Capcom who took the time to renew almost the entire herd, even if iconic creatures like the couple Rathalos / Rathian, the big Diablos and soon the Devilhjo (in DLC) ensure the best-of . Not content to be massive, animated in a relaxed way and to benefit every time of an intro which imposes the respect, the new creatures compete as much in ferocity as in design, with as always the tricky behaviors, movements that the one thinks to anticipate until finally crushed under the weight of the colossus.

In this world that Capcom wanted alive and more immersive than ever, the animals also submit to the law of the strongest. It is common, not to say systematic, to see a second or third giant monster mingle with the debates.
It’s true, to see these Goliaths completely obscure your presence as if you had donned a combination of invisibility, these interventions are sometimes at the limit of the coarse script. But
we prefer to remember these spectacular assaults, all those moments when nature regains its rights, facing monsters who fight like dominant males, claws in front and fiery breath. An opportunity that will benefit: a monster on the ground is a monster that reveals its weak points, and saw the crazy damage that can cause an enraged Rathalos when he throws his prey like a vulgar straw – above the thousand sometimes – it’s as many dozens of strokes in less than there will be to wear.

Because yes, another twist to the rule, Monster Hunter World clearly displays the damage inflicted on critters, even with color codes necessarily much more talking than the waves of rushes of blood pixelated old episodes. The best way to gauge your equipment; between the affinity, the degree of sharpness, the associated elements or even the bonuses / penalties related to the type of weapon (cutting, blunt), it is sometimes difficult to fully assess the potential of a weapon in combat. Rest assured, there is still no question of displaying any bar of life in the bosses. To get an idea of ??when the monster is about to let go, it will always be necessary to rely on other visual cues and its trailing behavior.

More generally, the fights have gained in flexibility and dynamism, to take the fold of Generations versions without falling into the lists of special attacks to extend. The 14 weapons of the Monster Hunter arsenal are all back, each with their own game system that makes the transition from one to the other rather delicate at first, despite the presence of a training arena for go through the different combos.

A choice that looks horny. Each discipline makes you want to focus on it, each special power comes with a little classy visual effect, and the grip a little heavy still remains a model – at worst, specializations like Double Blades or ‘Insectoglaive provide access to a more dynamic range of movements. And we feel that the developers wanted to scratch some aberrations to accommodate the new ones: not only the TPS-like control of bows and crossbows makes them much more enjoyable to play than ever, but the mere fact of being able to move to engulf one’s potion limits all those frustrating deaths that have punctuated the hunting parties over previous generations. Attention, it will still respect a certain cooldown time to swallow his Mega Potion in full – the slightest dodge or the slightest contact will stop your regeneration.

Graphical options

Monster Hunter World offers several types of graphics options for owners of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X: a three, it is remembered that the framerate mode is the only one not to flinch when the big monsters are out, even if it is clearly at the expense of sharpness of definition. The other two modes (resolution and graphics) are rather the road side frame rate in the quiet beaches; everything will depend on the degree of detail you want to display. Anyway, since the game does not reach 60 fps regardless of the option checked, as well turn to the one that offers the best visual comfort – pending the PC version scheduled for this fall.


  • No need for earmuffs to hear veterans yell at the “casualization” of their favorite franchise. It’s hard to blame them for the countless traditions that MHW flouts. The scenario part much more developed than average, and largely staged by superb cutscenes, relates the emergence of a new threat, symbolized by the migration of the old Dragons and the Zorah Magdaros which puts in danger the balance of the New world. An unexplained phenomenon that it belongs to your hunter, member of the Research Commission, to follow closely. In other words, another excuse for the opening of the hunt, which might as well be limited to a few menus, but who prefers to take the time to set the scene with Astera, a beautiful port village of settlers laid on several levels. In short, a hub where you can access the various workshops, forges, canteens, with each time tutorials well supported not to risk rushing beginners. They will read carefully the pages of advice that replace the eternal tapestries during loading times.
  • Even Craft, a Wiki factory for generations, has undergone a profound transformation to be almost intelligible to ordinary people. No need to add five tables to activate a particular talent. Now, most armor offer a distinct talent, allowing you to further vary the provenance of helmets, mesh sizes and other leggings to optimize your build. A complete set will sometimes unlock an exclusive talent but, if you push the touchpad, two or three clicks are enough to capture the essential. After a few dozen hours, we can even have fun to cumulate one or two talents in particular for totally cracked bonuses. Ergonomics always, Monster Hunter World facilitates the comparison between several objects, allows to preview all or part of a set before buying / forging, and even offers the luxury of placing certain objects in his wish list. If necessary, an umpteenth notification will warn you that all the required materials have been collected. Moreover, even if it is not very clear in the menus, we can isolate the elements in question to have more information on their origin. The icing on the cake, the weapon progression chart is clearly listed, even offering the opportunity now to retropedal to target another branch of craft.

Helm Sweet Helm

We did not talk too much about the graphic part because the images often speak for themselves, but we must emphasize the hallucinating modeling work of armor and their really incredible style that makes you want to wear even those with moldy stats. The palm of the class returns to the set of Nergigante, which is unsurprisingly the monster “flagship” on the jacket.

I want to celebrate this renewal

  • So yeah, with his font size 12, the interface is still far from perfect. Trunk navigation and resource development will no doubt deserve some polish, though; in Monster Hunter World, the game will directly craft the stuff before a second merge as long as you have enough items in your chest. And even if it takes the time to introduce each element step by step, rank of hunter after rank, it is easy to get lost between the stewardship, the canteen, the big bridge, the import / export of materials at regular intervals, the safari of cats and all this kind of ancillary activities which will end up installing a routine of adventurer by putting some of his own. In short, if casualization is synonymous with reworked ergonomics and optimal play pleasure, we sign to the direct Meisterstück. Especially since, given the tatanes collected from quests 7, 8 stars, impossible to say that Monster Hunter World is a solo walk.
  • Without optimized equipment, without intensive grind of this or that monster part with sometimes ridiculous percentages side loot, the art of the chase may quickly end up in rough. Attention, the game can be repetitive at very high dose. But when you fight four around a beast after a slickly conducted plan, it is especially fun.

And then, we’ve been too long, Monster Hunter World has finally caught up with the game online. For its return on the living room machines, the game of Capcom establishes a system of clans to easily find his own, a system of distress beacons to help the poor, but also and especially the multi drop-in / drop -out to join anyone anytime, except when they launched a cinematic mode of history. Because yes, it is also possible to lend a hand to his fellow hunters during the scripted missions, it is even recommended since it takes at least a good forty hours minimum for a hunter to see the end. Surprisingly versatile for a Japanese game, the multi also offers a lot of arena missions to shine its chrono (with gold, silver, bronze bearings), without denying everything that made the identity of the series for ages, like exchanging custom Guild cards.

Well, we had the chance to be able to plaster before the massive influx of players, so, inevitably, we did not have to deplore the slightest concern on the side of the voice chat in the online hub or the least latency against the big monsters. All that to say that with the massive arrival of DLC, the regular connection bonuses and all the rest, Monster Hunter World is already announced as one of the must-have multi-games of the year, with a lifetime that is expressed in hundreds of hours for who will bite into his concept. A faultless all along the line.

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