Necrobarista will also be released on PS4

Previously announced on PC and Nintendo Switch, Necrobarista increases its range and will also see the day on PlayStation 4 when the game will finally be available in early 2019, well behind the original calendar that spoke of the fall of 2017.

Developed in Melbourne by Route 59 Games, Necrobarista takes place in a fantastic reinterpretation of the second largest city of Australia and more exactly in a cafe with supernatural aromas. Here, the dead have the right to return to take a last espresso for a final day on Earth. Impossible to distinguish from the living, these ghosts have the opportunity to accomplish one last task before leaving this world for good. This narrative adventure game will tell these stories through the perspective of the various coffee makers and in particular that of the manager Maddy, necromancer who lives on the spot.

Unlike a classic visual novel, Necrobarista relies on a dynamic use of the camera that should give it a staging different from the habits of the genre. Beyond the scripted moments, the player will have the opportunity to explore the café in 3D like a point & click to learn more about the places and its temporary inhabitants. Kevin Penkin (Made in Abyss, Under the Dog, Florence) is responsible for the soundtrack of this game for which no French translation is provided. A playable demo is however expected on Steam at an indefinite date.

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