Okami HD on Switch: the quest for perfection is coming to an end

Chronicated by the hairy Motormike last year when appearing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the “HD” version of Okami is even today its cute little truffle on Switch. This is the end of a long quest for the goddess Amaterasu, who finds in Nintendo’s last box of mischief the perfect sanctuary where to rest for eternity.

Of course, it lacks the 4K console display, privilege of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One versions. In docked mode, Issun and his illustrious mount ride “only 1080p”, down to 720p once left in the hand console mop. But it’s only a number, a tiny degradation suffered by the image, which remains immaculate and piqued as ever thanks to the MSAA added by Hexa Drive at the time of PS3 porting. And the framerate does not deviate from an inch of 30 frames per second, a sign that all Okami editions to date (PC included, ask modders who have broken their teeth).

It is especially the accessibility options available on Switch that blow the most delicious breezes on this epic through the Nippon. You swear by the PS2 version and his Celestial Brush controlled sticks? A pressure slice button and you’re back in 2006, to draw in the air a sun to make it appear in the firmament. You’ve contracted a nostalgia – very fishy, agree on it – for the inferior Wii version and its motion gaming-based proposition? No problem, detach the Joy-Con, go through the menus to designate who will control the brush, and you’re done. Blunder anyway, because without the infrared tracking of the Wii, gyroscopes alone have ovalify circles and bend straight. We could make gray face before these slight lack of precision, but quite frankly, we know, you know, nobody is there for that.

You’re here because you’d like to know if Okami is the right game to take everywhere, away from the TV and the living room couch. And the answer is yes, a thousand times yes. Because the porting company has not shunned the touch-sensitive features of the console, and even just flicking the screen to automatically switch to the blur interface. Because those who want to stick to one key to activate the Brush Mode and draw with the other hand can do so, and even choose between a right-handed configuration and a left-handed configuration. Finally, those for whom the Goddess Wolf no longer has the least secret will certainly be happy to learn that the function of dialog zapping present on Wii and the latest HD (but not on PS3) is also travel. It is far from a luxury, for who will want to take the road without refraining from the most talkative gaming debut of Hideki Kamiya.

There is only the management of vibrations “HD” that disappoints, with a new vibratory setting “Nintendo Switch” which is too much, and especially too often. Disable the option, or iron it in classic mode, and you get the best of all worlds: a game equivalent to the PS4 and Xbox One versions in docked mode, impeccable on the console screen and transcended by the touch functions once slipped into your backpack.

As the Author said, “Okami has not lost anything of its beauty, it’s the very opposite.” Magnified by a high-end HD redesign, the game originally developed by Clover remains a “Zelda-like” that It has nothing to envy to Nintendo’s license.Creat world, achievement and level design excellent, memorable soundtrack: it is hard to imagine how not to hang on to the adventures of the goddess wolf Amaterasu. ” If the legitimacy of the 2017 consoles and PC remakes still remained to be discussed – 4K and collector power aside – this Switch version really has it all, and its appeal goes far beyond simple portability. She is indeed as beautiful and powerful as her sisters, but will let you paint the Nippon in all possible ways: sticks like PS2, Joy-Con who regrets the Wii years, and now an outcrop of the end of the finger on the touch screen of the console. Solar, simply.

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