Padlock combination in Captain Spirit

Another of the great secrets is the combination of the Captain Spirit padlock. Unlike the PIN code, the padlock only has four numbers and is easier to guess.

Captain Spirit invites us to investigate and observe EVERYTHING. One of the most complicated things is to know the PIN code of the father’s cell phone, but be careful with the padlock.

The padlock with password is in the garage. Unlike the PIN code, it only has four numbers, so it will be more difficult for us to guess it. If you have walked around the house you will have seen that there are several places where dates appear.

We have dates in the father’s room. There we will see in a closet what the protagonist is growing over the years. But to find the password for the padlock, we have to go to the outside cabinet. There the father has trophies and photos, and we see that in 2005 he won one of the basketball championships (or basket for Sergio Ramos).

Well that’s the combination of the padlock in Captain Spirit. Now you can take a “little thing” necessary to complete one of the challenges that the child has, in addition to having more information about the mother, father and family.

Once done, I invite you very strongly to read the analysis of Captain Spirit that we have in this beautiful web about gamevideos.

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