Pokemon Quest Recipe Guide

We are already fully immersed in the kitchen of the new Pokémon game. And so you do not get lost, here is a recipe guide for Pokémon Quest.

Well, nothing guilty. We have fallen. Yes. In the new game of cubes of Pokémon. And we’re tired of going to catch bugs here and there. So to make it easier for you, here is a recipe guide for Pokémon Quest.

We will talk about ingredients, pots and recipes. And some other trick will also go out there.

The first thing is to know the ingredients that we are going to find. They are about 10 as much, but each one has several characteristics. So attentive.

According to the color we have:

Red Ingredients: Mini Mushroom and Big Root
Blue Ingredients: Oram Berry and Roca Helada
Yellow Ingredients: Bonguri and Honey
Gray Ingredients: Fossil and Balsamic Mushroom

According to the hardness we have:

Soft Ingredients: Mini Mushroom, Oram Berry, Big Root, Honey and Balsamic Mushroom
Hard Ingredients: Bonguri, Fossil and Ice Rock

According to its value we have:

Common ingredients: Mini Mushroom, Oram Berry, Bonguri and Fossil
Valuable Ingredients: Large Root, Frozen Rock, Bonguti and Balsamic Mushroom
Special ingredients: the rainbow type (block and shell)

According to the type we have:

Mushroom ingredients: Mini Mushroom and Balsamic Mushroom
Mineral ingredients: Fossil, Roca Frost
Berry ingredients: Bayberry Oram and Bonguri.

Keep in mind that the rainbow are ingredients that can replace anyone. but better to save them for the most advanced recipes of the game. What will you need?

How to get ingredients

There are two main ways to find ingredients in Pokémon Quest. The first one is making the phases themselves. When we defeat enemies or destroy elements of the scenario, we will obtain some of these ingredients.

The higher the level of the area, the more level the ingredients will have, of course. And more “possible” will be to find the specials.

But if for some reason you are missing some, there is another way. When you have many stones of life or strength, you can recycle them. This will give you new ingredients. But there is no clear pattern (yet) about what each of them gives. It’s just a matter of luck.
The pots

In Pokémon Quest we can cook using the pots that are given to us in the game. We will have one by default, but then we can increase it to three more if we buy some of the extra DLC that they bring.

Each of them includes a new pot, so we can have up to 4 in total.

As we advance in the game we will also get different pots of different materials. The higher the quality of the pot, they will attract higher level pokemon. But they will also consume more ingredients.

Normal pot

Consume three ingredients for each hole. We get it right at the start and it attracts low level Pokémon.

Bronze pot

Consume ten ingredients for each hole. We get it when we pass the Wetland Forest and the Zigzag River.

Silver pot

Consume fifteen ingredients for each hole. We get it after passing the Monte Arid, the Central Grotto and the Páramo Rocaguja.

Gold Pot

The recipes

As in any game where you have to put ingredients, there are some rules. Pokémon Quest is no less and has 18 recipes (for the time being). These recipes are combinations of 5 types of ingredients in different pots.

So, if we want a high level pokémon, we will have to make a recipe in a high level pot (silver or gold). This will make us spend many ingredients at once. But if we do not care about the level, we can always use the basic pot and spend less.

The following must be taken into account. The game does not indicate exactly how many ingredients you have to use, but it does give some guidelines:

  • A pinch: a single ingredient
  • A little bit: two ingredients
  • A handful: three ingredients
  • A lot: four ingredients

These are the recipes we have found. Little by little we will add the rest:

01: Soup Rodacubo

Ingredients: the ones you want.
Pokémon that attracts: pokémon common.

02: Red Rodagu

Ingredients: lots (4) of red ingredients.
Pokémon that attracts: red pokémon

Among these pokémon we have found: Ponyta, Vulpix, Krabby, or Digglet.

03: Blue Rodazumo

Ingredients: lots (4) of blue ingredients.
Pokémon that attracts: pokémon blue.

Among these pokémon we have left: Starmie, Bulbasaur or Koffing

04: Rodacurri yellow

Ingredients: lots (4) of yellow ingredients.
Pokémon that attracts: yellow pokémon.

Among them we have found: Pikachu, Psyduck, Abra and Drowzee

05: Rodagratin white

Ingredients: lots (4) of gray ingredients
Pokémon that attracts: pokémon of gray color.

The pokémon that have come out here have been: Onix, Geodude and Clefary

09: Arcillosa Rodacrema
Ingredients: a handful (3) of soft ingredients and a pinch (1) of minerals.
Pokémon that attracts: pokémon of type earth.

The pokémon that have come out with this have been: Digglet

13: Rodaguiso rocky

Ingredients: lots (4) of hard ingredients and a pinch (1) of minerals
Pokémon that attracts: pokémon rock type.

15: Burning Rodacalde

Ingredients: a handful of mushrooms (1) and a pinch (1) of red ingredients.
Pokémon that attracts: fire type pokémon.

The pokémon that we have come out with this brabaje have been: Ponyta and Charmander.

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