Strange Brigade: who is behind this secret organization?

When the world is threatened by occult forces, the British Empire uses the Strange Brigade, a group of fighters who handle both guns and explosives as well as magical powers.

You will not find any trace in the history books. In the same way as the giant warehouse of Raiders of the Lost Ark or Hellboy’s Paranormal Defense and Research Bureau, the Department of Antiquities does not exist. At least officially. No more than the Strange Brigade, the arm of this British institute specialized in the study of occult powers.

Acting under the control of the Secret Service, the members of this elite commando intervene wherever paranormal phenomena occur with the sole purpose of eradicating any form of threat. And in the 1930s, they have much to do, so Western explorers are bent on searching the smallest ancient site, fueled by their thirst for power and glory in defiance of the most basic rules of prudence.

So when archaeologist Edgar Harbin proudly announces he has unearthed a mysterious grave, heavily guarded for the obvious purpose of denying access “for eternity”, the Department of Antiquities immediately captures the magnitude of the threat. And for good reason, the site is home to the remains of the bloodthirsty queen Seteki, who ruled over Saharan Africa 4000 years ago, before being overthrown and walled alive in his vault.

In opening the grave, Harbin unknowingly released the mind of the cursed queen. And as much to say that the 40 centuries which it passed between four walls made it a bit sour. Here she is about to raise an army of mummies, ghouls and other mythical monsters to eradicate the human species, responsible for its decline.

In short, a tailor-made mission for the agents of the Strange Brigade, but without a doubt the most dangerous of their career. Fortunately, these heroes embark an arsenal to make the Volfoni brothers pale with jealousy (not to mention all the weapons they can find on the spot), and also have an amulet that gives them a unique power with devastating effects. Let us introduce you to the first four members of the Strange Brigade.

Gracie Braithwaite

With her false airs of Rosie the riveter and his outspokenness with Mancunian accents, Gracie is not strictly speaking the symbol of British elegance. No, but this former worker, rock solid, is irreplaceable when it comes to contact. Armed with its Leamington Model 14, a double-barreled shotgun, it causes considerable short-range damage. At a longer distance, she swaps her blunderbuss against Colt 45, the only weapon common to all members of the Strange Brigade. The ideal tool to place one or two prunes between the eyes of a ghoul! Always in the delicacy, Gracie also has offensive grenades that she can launch at a steady pace, just to clear the ranks of the pedestrian. Finally, the power of his amulet is an excellent reflection of his personality. When it is cast, the Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb wrap the enemies in spectral strips and then draws them to Gracie who can then use them as an explosive and projecting them to other opponents. Radical.

Archimedes De Quincey

Do not be fooled by his youthful physique and detached air. This dashing archaeologist, famous throughout the kingdom, is ruthless when it comes to confronting the occult powers. But it is also a connoisseur of ancient beliefs, which gives him a double advantage over his companions. Not only can he reap the souls of enemies at long range, which allows him to quickly fill his power meter, but he is also the only one able to unlock some magical gates. In combat, elegance prevails. Archimedes primarily employs a light machine gun with a high rate of fire and outstanding mid-range accuracy. What to overcome its moderate firepower. Power side, the teacher can count on the amulet All-Consuming Swarm, characterized by a swarm of fiery projectiles that explode in contact with enemies. Of course, the effect is visually stunning and the execution, in good taste, as befits the aristocrat.

Nalangu Rushida

First member of the Strange Brigade not to be British, Nalandu Rushida deserves his place in the team. This daring African, elevated to the rank of spiritual warrior among her people, is distinguished by its velocity and its reflexes that allow it to approach closer to the enemies to launch its power. The Blazing Wrath of Ra amulet does indeed produce an explosion that causes enormous damage to all creatures clustered around Nalangu. It is therefore at the heart of the fray that it is most often found, especially since it possesses the unique ability to regenerate a little of its health with each blow to the opponent. When the situation escalates, she prefers nevertheless to move away and use Chamberlain machine gun, not necessarily very precise, but formidable at medium distance. And when it comes to curbing the heat of a cloud of mummies, it’s the Molotov cocktail she expresses herself.

Frank Fairburne

Recruited by the Department of Antiquities after eradicating the head of a devilish cult raging in India, this colossus has a vitality superior to all other members of the group. But above all, his past as a sniper gives him the supernatural ability to explode enemies he touches the head! And this happens frequently, because his favorite weapon, the Westminster 1895, is the most accurate of the whole arsenal of the Strange Brigade. A bit nag, Fairburne seems to experience a real satisfaction to spray the all-comer with dynamite sticks. The power conferred by his amulet is just as subtle. When he triggers Charriot Charge, Franck rushes to hit the nearest enemy. Flying in the air, it explodes on the ground, causing significant area damage.

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